The Mark Of The Traveler

In realms concealed by veils of lore,
Where mystic paths untrodden soar,
There lies a mark, a hidden sign,
Of seekers bold in realms divine.


The mark of travelers, discreetly borne,
Upon their souls, its essence worn.
A symbol etched on hearts aglow,
A mystic emblem few may know.

These wanderers of secret art,
With spirits keen, they dare impart
The realms unseen, where shadows dwell,
And ancient tales they yearn to tell.


Through inner realms, they deftly stray,
Exploring depths where spirits play.
Consciousness their guiding star,
They journey forth, both near and far.

A whisper in the darkest night,
A flicker of an ethereal light,
The mark unveils the chosen few,
Whose souls to higher realms pursue.


In sacred groves and ancient glades,
Where time and space begin to fade,
The travelers gather, a silent throng,
Unveiling truths both old and long.

In chambers hushed, their voices blend,
A symphony of secrets penned.
Their souls alight, ablaze with fire,
As truth and wisdom they acquire.


No outward glance can truly see,
The mark’s true depth and mystery.
For it resides in realms unseen,
Where seeker’s quests are evergreen.

But should you glimpse this sacred sign,
On one whose eyes with purpose shine,
Know that they tread the hidden way,
Exploring realms, both night and day.


In distant lands and cosmic seas,
The travelers sail with gentle ease,
Their mark the bond that ties them tight,
In this clandestine, eternal rite.

So seek them out, these mystic souls,
Who bear the mark and journey bold,
For they are guides to realms unknown,
Where secrets wait, as yet unshown.


The mark of travelers, forever blessed,
By self-discovery they are caressed,
A secret society, a noble band,
United in their quest to understand.

And as the night yields to the dawn,
Their mark shall guide them ever on,
Through boundless realms of mystery,
They travel on, forever free.